Backup Dancer

Metaphorically Speaking

Born on the streets of Philadelphia, Stacy had a taste for advertising at the young age of 16 by writing and producing a commercial for PBS, which placed first in Pennsylvania in the “How I Can Change the World” competition. 

Stacy started her New York City advertising journey as a copywriter where she quickly realized that the best part of being a writer was production. So poof, a producer she became. Working on a variety of global and domestic clients such as Jaguar, Verizon, Reebok, Marriott and JP Morgan Chase, Stacy loves the challenge that each and every new production presents.

Stacy lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with her husband, Jonathan, and her two monkeys, Ellie and Gabi. (Please note: the monkeys are her children...not actual monkeys). She is the resident expert on all kid friendly restaurants beneath 14th street and excels at Broadway theater discounts.